English Alphabet (İngilizce Alfabe)

Parts of Speech (Cümlenin Öğeleri)

Word Order 1 (Sözcük Dizimi 1)

Articles (The-A-An)

Singular and Plural Nouns (Tekil ve Çoğul İsimler)

Countable and Uncountable (Sayılabilen ve Sayılamayan İsimler)

Subject and Object Pronouns (Özne ve Nesne Zamirleri)(I,You,He)(Me,You,Him)

Possessive Adjectives and Pronouns (Mülkiyet Sıfatları ve Zamirleri)(My,Your,His)(Mine,Yours,His)

Possessive ( Apostrophe ‘S and Of ) (Sahiplik Bildirme)

To Be (Am,Is,Are)

Cardinal and Ordinal numbers (Sayma ve Sıralama Sayıları)

In On At (time)

Reflexive Pronouns (Dönüşlülük Zamirleri)(Myself,Yourself,Himself)

Demonstrative Pronouns and Adjectives (İşaret Zamirleri ve Sıfatları)(This,That)

Interrogative Pronouns (Soru Zamirleri)(Who,Whom,Whose,Which,What)

There is There are

Simple Present Tense (Geniş Zaman)(I go)

Modals : Can

Present Continuous Tense (Şimdiki Zaman)(I am going)

Non-Progressive Verbs (ing Eki Almayan Fiiller)

Simple Present and Present Continuous Tense (Geniş zaman ve Şimdiki zaman)

Have got Has got (Sahiplik)

Simple Past Tense (Geçmiş Zaman)(I went)

Was Were (To be Geçmiş zaman hali)

Modals : Could

Past Continuous Tense (Geçmiş Zamanda Süreklilik)(I was going)

Present Continuous Present Simple For The Future (Şimdiki ve Geniş Zamanın Gelecek için kullanımı)

Future Tense Will Shall (Gelecek Zaman)(I will/shall run)

Future Be Going to (Planlı Gelecek Zaman)(I am going to run)

Will or Going to

Prepositions 1 (For,With,About Vs.)

Modals : Must

Adjectives (Sıfatlar)

Adverbs (Zarflar)

Comparative (Sıfatların Mukayesesi) (Big-Bigger)(More Important)

Superlative (Sıfatların Muyasesi)(Big-Biggest)(The Most Important)

Too Enough

So Such – So that Such that

Some Any

Not any No None

A lot of Lots of Plenty of Many Much

a little – a bit – a few – little – few – several

Both Either Neither

One(s) Which one(s)

Every and All

Compare Determiners (Miktar Belirleyiciler Karşılaştırma)

Indefinite Pronouns (Anyone,Nobody,Something,Everywhere)

Prepositions 2 (Over,Through,Between Vs.)

Question Words (Soru Kelimeleri)

Modals : Would